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1. The lakeside facility is open for the season. Please note that canopy covers will be installed randomly as they are dug out through June. We apologize for any inconvenience. Boat covers will be needed on canopied slips until canopies are installed.

2. The restrooms are open for the season. Please keep the doors closed as the heat is on. Thank you.

3. DIVERS—Seveys welcomes qualified divers, SEALs, military, instructors and groups. 2024 Season passes are available or you may use the daily fees.  Current lake temperature is 56 here at Seveys.

4. Seasonal Parking and Use passes are also available for the 2024 season for $100. The seasonal pass fee for Divers is$75 per diver. For Launch Ramp Passes, see number 12 below. Send contact information and pass requests to our office. Payment information can be found here. We use the honor system and hope you do too.

5. We have a private launch ramp. The launch ramp is available for use 24/7 for a fee. Also see #4 above, and #12 below. We use the honor system and hope you do too.

6. Marine Parts and Accessories are available year round. We ship responsibly via UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority Mail, Binghamton Express and XPO. Our off season store hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM on those days shaded in Sherwood blue.

7. Those desiring facility rentals, camping, dockage or moorings in 2024, should email us with their contact and boat or camping information.  There is currently a long waiting list. See the Camping page for more information.

8. Sevey’s supports Active, Retired, & Reserve Military, First Responders, Veterans, Divers, SEALs and their families. All are always welcome. Inquire for special rates.

9. Our operating hours for the lakeside facility are,  closed on those days shaded in red and open from 9 to 5 on those days shaded in green, from 9 to 7 on those days shaded in blue, 10 AM to 4:30 PM on those days shaded in yellow and 9 to 1 on those days shaded in purple. Days shaded in orange, are available by appointment only, weather permitting.

10. With regard to trash and recyclables, the boatyard, ramp and parking area are carry in, carry out. You may use our trash and recycling facility as per item 13 below. We are also a SMOKE FREE ZONE. Please, NO SMOKING of any kind is allowed on the grounds, docks, lifts or in the restrooms. Thank you.

11. The Drop Off, Trash and Recycling Facility is now under 24 hour video surveillance. This has become necessary as we apparently have a few “trash vandals” using our facility as a dumping ground and placing their trash and garbage anywhere they choose.

12. Launch Ramp Parking Passes are required. The launch ramp fees for non permit holders, are $20 per vehicle daily for parking. If you are launching a motorized vessel or jet ski, the fee is $30 daily. Seasonal Launch Ramp passes are available for $125. Trailers and vehicles must be separated and parked next to each other to conserve space. Our usage rules and fees are posted at the launch ramp. We use the honor system and hope you do too.

13. WE provide a complete recycling transfer station at our drop off area on fire lane 13 (the camp road, Lake Ridge Lane). There we have a dump station for campers, 2 recycling dumpsters next to the dump station, 3 trash dumpsters, a 30 yard SCRAP METAL ONLY roll off and a package drop off hut for FedEx, UPS and DHL for your convenience. If you still can’t figure it out, then you can go to the label page to see where everything is. Fire Lane 13 is the last right turn coming down the hill before the first big turn as you come in, or your first left after the second big turn as you are going out.  If you come by boat, please take your trash and recyclables with you.

14. The North end of transfer area on Fire Lane 13 is reserved for boat drop off and pick up. Please do not leave unattended vehicles in this area.

15. Seveys Boatyard and our drop off and transfer station are under 24 hour video surveillance. Please act and conduct yourselves responsibly.

16. Access to parts of Fire Lane 13 (AA thru G), past our transfer area are restricted to property owners only and their authorized users. We do not have the codes and cannot grant access to these areas. Please contact the appropriate property owner for assistance and access.

17. Our Terms and conditions always apply.

                      We truly appreciate your business and we are looking forward to serving your needs for 2024 and beyond.

Thank you!  The members of Seveys Boatyard

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We get a lot of positive feedback and praise for our dogs here at Seveys.

If you would like to  have one for your very own, contact our kennel; Bear Creek K9 at 315-496-2111