Seveys Boatyard Inc

Payment Options

You may pay your bill using one of the following methods at our facility, call us with your credit or debit card number, or you may pay by using our PayPal link below. The use of these services constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions. Never send your information to us via email. All payments are verified.

Do you use PayPal?  Like to take extra time to pay without interest or finance charges? Then consider applying for a “PayPal Credit” account and combining it with your PayPal account. For more information, click here.

Veterans Discount

To  pay our invoices using PayPal or PayPal Credit, click this PayPal link, login to your PayPal account.

Then, select the Send Money option in PayPal or PayPal Credit.

Send your payment to:

The BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards credit cardThe BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card