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In schedule or date shown:
Dates if shown, are approximate. Listings are not in the order received. Current backlog will vary as we pickup and service boats for summer use.

Projects in shop:


Jackson  -  Service shop, additional parts ordered

Coon  -  Ready for pickup

Lombardi 22 -  Ready for pickup

Lombardi Skiff  -  Ready for pickup

Delventhal  -  Ready for pickup

Putnam  -  Ready for pickup

Spencer  -  Ready for pickup

Squire  -  Ready for pickup

Curley  -  Ready for pickup

Ahearn  -  Wash rack

Martin  -  Ready for pickup

Ramos  -  Service shop, scheduled

Josef  -  Lift parts in

Williams, Dan  -  GFCI In



Common Questions:

What’s the latest on fuel vibes?

A: For some time we have had to settle for 89, 91 or 93 | 10% blended gasoline.

Sunoco , along with Fastrac is producing ethanol free gasoline. This is available at most all of their stations..
The product is called 91 Octane Recreational Fuel. Many marina’s now carry it as well.

The only remaining issue is high Carbon content. To solve the problem we recommend Mercury Quick Clean or suitable product be added at every fill up.  The product removes gums and varnishes, cleans fuel injectors, improves lubricity, and helps to prevent carbon build up on piston rings and cylinders.

What products are good?

A: The following products work effectively in pursuing anti-molecular destabilization to a point, while providing adequate fuel stability, system cleanliness and lubrication.
Sta-Bil Original With Suspension/Binding Additive
K-100 fuel additives
Mercury Branded or equivalent water separating fuel filter assembly.
These are now available in a larger format for problematic fuel systems.
Lucas fuel  enhancement products for methanol.

NEVER add dry gas to your boat’s fuel system.

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